Floral Workshop or Bust!

My sweet girlfriend, whom I worked with at the Dallas Museum of Art, threw out the idea that I should offer floral workshops for the ladies in the area and make it a fun girls night! Ummmm.... yeah!!! I am in!! You are in!! Apparently, many people are in!! It turned out to be such a fabulous success because who doesn't love the chance to enjoy some wine, girl time and take home something beautiful to enjoy for the next week! We even had a business host one as a team building event for their staff! So much fun! I will continue to offer these seasonally, and I can't wait to see what we come up with for the next round! We have people grabbing spots on the schedule for the new year, which.... can you even believe that it's almost 2017???? Anyway, here are a few pictures of Fall and Christmas workshops that we completed.