Birthday Parties are FUN!

I absolute love when I am asked to do flowers for a birthday party! They always have the most adorable themes and it is so much fun coordinating the centerpieces to their design! We have had quite a few in the New year and I can't wait to get more on the books!

Frist we had an adorable Winnie the Pooh theme for sweet little Hayes's 1st birthday! His Momma already had all of the cute custom decorations for his party, because........ 1st birthdays!!!! It's just what you do, am I right?!?!  We were able to have fun with the garden colors and bring in some rustic elements with the tin vases and lotus pods!

Next we had the most precious Kate Spade inspired 1st birthday that I have ever seen! The Momma basically sent me the invitation and the vases that she had picked out and said, just go with whatever your think! The colors... the stripes... the gold polkadots..... OH MY! Love, Love and more Love! And to Top it off, the birthday girl's name is Annie! swoon!  I know that this little girl had the most amazing birthday!