1 year Anniversary!!

You guys..... I'm not sure where the past year went. Just like they say when you have kids... don't blink, it passes too quickly. I can truly say that the last year of Blue Posy Floral Design has flown by.

I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family that supported me and kept my dreams alive this past year as I was navigating the waters of a new business owner. You guys literally gave me life and new ideas and watched my kids and listened to my dreams and excitement on the reg.

My girls have a legit appreciation for flowers and would seriously love it if I let them help me design arrangements, especially when my entire house is filled with buckets and buckets of flowers. They may actually hate it. haha! They sure do seem pretty proud of their Momma, though, so I'll go with that! πŸ˜†

What started as a piqued interest when I was at the Dallas Museum of Art turned into a hobby that I did for friends and then ultimately a business out of my home that I have absolutely loved. I get to be with my babies, drop them off at school, go to play dates, all while delivering flowers and planning weddings with Brides, and other amazing events with corporations. 

When I started Blue Posy, I told myself that I would be happy if I had 2-4 events under my belt in the first year. I will far exceed that by the end of 2017 and am already booking events and weddings for 2018. I am shocked, but excited and honored to be a part of such a beautiful day in people's lives. In addition to the events, we have created quite the amazing little niche with our girls night/floral workshops, thanks to my dear friend for the great idea. These workshops are so much fun for me and the guests and something that I absolutely love doing!!

We have big things in store for my little flower baby in the next year. I am so excited to see what the next 12 months will bring my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that is near and far cheering me on. I truly can't express how much I appreciate it.

Here are a few of the big moments in Blue Posy's first year!

Who doesn't love a gorgeous Spring wedding?

I always love the story on how a Bride and I begin our relationship. Sometimes it's through word of mouth, sometimes it's from seeing my work at a wedding or event, and sometimes it begins after my husband buys Arbonne products from a friend of a co-worker for one of my Christmas gifts. Husbands are great! πŸ˜‰

I loved getting to know Ryan while she was planning her wedding. She was a dream bride, really.  She knew exactly the vibe that she wanted, had a good idea of the colors that she wanted, but other than that, was completely laid back and wanted me to go with what I thought would look best.

They got married at this gorgeous Tuscan inspired chapel in Mckinney, Texas called Bella Donna Chapel. Surrounded by water, this precious venue is picturesque and I have literally never seen a bad photo taken there. The story of this chapel is even more beautiful and romantic, which you can find on their story page, https://www.belladonnachapel.com

This wedding was full of ivory and pink and completely lovely in every way.


Birthday Parties are FUN!

I absolute love when I am asked to do flowers for a birthday party! They always have the most adorable themes and it is so much fun coordinating the centerpieces to their design! We have had quite a few in the New year and I can't wait to get more on the books!

Frist we had an adorable Winnie the Pooh theme for sweet little Hayes's 1st birthday! His Momma already had all of the cute custom decorations for his party, because........ 1st birthdays!!!! It's just what you do, am I right?!?!  We were able to have fun with the garden colors and bring in some rustic elements with the tin vases and lotus pods!

Next we had the most precious Kate Spade inspired 1st birthday that I have ever seen! The Momma basically sent me the invitation and the vases that she had picked out and said, just go with whatever your think! The colors... the stripes... the gold polkadots..... OH MY! Love, Love and more Love! And to Top it off, the birthday girl's name is Annie! swoon!  I know that this little girl had the most amazing birthday!

Floral Workshop or Bust!

My sweet girlfriend, whom I worked with at the Dallas Museum of Art, threw out the idea that I should offer floral workshops for the ladies in the area and make it a fun girls night! Ummmm.... yeah!!! I am in!! You are in!! Apparently, many people are in!! It turned out to be such a fabulous success because who doesn't love the chance to enjoy some wine, girl time and take home something beautiful to enjoy for the next week! We even had a business host one as a team building event for their staff! So much fun! I will continue to offer these seasonally, and I can't wait to see what we come up with for the next round! We have people grabbing spots on the schedule for the new year, which.... can you even believe that it's almost 2017???? Anyway, here are a few pictures of Fall and Christmas workshops that we completed. 

Contemporary and Chic Launch Party

This past week, we had the opportunity to create some beautiful and fun centerpieces for a Digital Agency that recently launched in Dallas, Tx. I loved their office space vibe right off the bat. It was so modern and fun, but still chic, so we went with that same vibe for their centerpieces. Their main request was that we do only white and green flowers to match their company colors. Since it was a launch party, with lots of mingling, we did a large number of smaller arrangements for the cocktail tables and a few larger centerpieces for the bar, entry & food display. 

Adventures in small business!

Y'all.... I have honestly been so humbled over the past few weeks while getting Blue Posy Floral Design off the ground. Starting a new business while raising 2 babies is no joke. Mommas are legitimately superhero's...Obviously! ☺️

Fortunately, I have had the most amazing support group backing me and pushing me every day to get things done so that I can say "I am a business owner!" Wow! I'm still baffled by that and so thrilled!

I would be completely lying if I said that I expected a large cheer section through this process which is why I have gone to bed almost every night with so many people on my heart and mind that I am so thankful for.  

I can not wait to see what the next few months have in store for us! I am so stinkin' excited about the various events and workshops that are on the books right now and I am antsy to get started!

I hope you will follow us on this journey and, again, I am so thankful for all of you, near and far that are cheering us on!




 Baby love wants to be in the pictures, too! 😍

Baby love wants to be in the pictures, too! 😍